Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is vital to finding weaknesses in your network security. With hackers and other malicious online users constantly on the hunt for new targets, completing a simulated cyber attack is the ideal way to identify problematic aspects of your infrastructure. Contact the leading penetration testing company in Singapore today.

Mobile Application

Carrying out pen testing on your mobile application is the best way to ensure it’s secure against attacks. With both iOS and Android applications regularly targeted by malicious users, we can take steps to ensure your app’s data storage, encryption, and server-side functions are rigorously implemented. 


By penetration testing your network, we can identify specific areas that hackers will attempt to exploit. To do so, we put on our ethical hacking hat as we use non-destructive methods to find these vulnerabilities and attempt to gain access to your most valuable data. This way, you’ll know how someone with dishonest intentions could try and do the same. 

Thick Client Application

A thick client forms part of the client-side network and provides essential components for operating and executing software applications independent of the server. With thick clients offering vulnerabilities both in terms of processing and communications protocols, conducting extensive security penetration testing could be the difference between someone getting into your system or not. 

Web Application

If your company operates a public-facing web application, there’s a good chance it will be targeted by hackers and potentially breached. Using both manual and automated methods for maximum effectiveness, we can conduct comprehensive penetration testing to identify vulnerable access points which cybercriminals could successfully exploit. 

Wireless Network

A company’s wireless network is often the go-to target for hackers. With numerous potential vulnerabilities existing in poorly conceived security protocols, access points and technologies, having an expert team pen test your network is a forward-thinking decision.