Security Control Review

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Security Control Review

Security administration review

In today’s world, security has become a crucial attribute of an organization’s preventive maintenance plan. The infrastructure of a system needs to be changed with time and it can lead it to any kind of vulnerability. The attackers can take advantage of this, and can be a real threat.  Therefore, there is a need to perform security control review, periodically.

What is Security Control Review?

Technically, security controls are safety measures to detect, avoid or minimize the security risks, such as loss of information. Security control review ensures proper management of security risk. Reviews help to obtain a quality-assured process to strengthen implementation. It also helps to identify gaps in the existing security infrastructure and provide required recommendations to fulfill the need of a secured system.

In the term, security control review, controls can be further classified as:

  • Preventive controls: It has to be performed before the incident to take place. It can include firewall, anti-virus, security guard or IPS.
  • Detective controls: It is performed during the incident to identify the threat in progress. Detective control measures include system monitoring, motion-detector or anti-virus.
  • Corrective controls: When the loss has occurred, corrective controls help to minimize the extent of damage to the system. The measures include OS upgrade, or backup data restoral.

Need of Security Control Review

Besides, complying with government regulations of security, it is necessary to perform a security audit within a specified period of time. Executing security review periodically, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Find out the loopholes, and invest in only those security devices which are of high-priority for the system.
  • Make sure that your security is not being compromised, unknowingly.
  • Keep an eye on the latest method of attack and how to be safe against these threats.
  • Show your clients that their security of data is your priority. It will help to enhance business relationship.

How to manage successful security control review/audit?

  • Create security standards and policies: You need to establish a security baseline to identify the extent of risk. As technology changes over time, it is important to review business policies more often. It will also help you to measure the effectiveness of audit team and what measures you will need to enhance it.
  • Know your objectives: Before consulting a security auditor, you need to be clear about the tasks which should be performed during security review. It will help the auditor and also he will not consider you naïve in this field.
  • Hire experienced auditor: You should not get tempted by the certificates and degrees of an auditor. You need to interview the auditor and ask him the real experience in security review. After all, he is going to handle security controls of your organization.
  • Analyze auditor’s report: The report provided by auditor should reflect your organization’s risk. This report will help you to implement the remedies for loopholes. The report should include analysis about the source of threat, extent of exploitation, recommendations and solutions to fix problem.

In the end, it is advised that you should get a security control review within a specified period of time to keep the system more secured.