View your IT systems from the point of view of an attacker: Experienced penetration testers give you a comprehensive insight into the potential attack of professional criminals (hackers). All presentations are designed in a practical way; we briefly introduce the types of vulnerabilities and the use of attack tools. It becomes clear how easy it is to attackers and how easy it is to infiltrate IT systems – not just with the aim to spy on your data but also to manipulate it. We also provide the appropriate security measures to not only make the attacks more difficult, but to prevent them altogether.

The Bitkom and also the BKA put the damage caused by attacks on the IT – also mobile like mobile phones, tablets, notebooks etc. – at enterprises in Germany on annually more than 55 billion €. Every second company is affected – more than half of them without having recognized it themselves. Even if the affected company detects the attacks, the attackers are active for up to 2 years (!) In the company’s own networks, servers and systems.
On this Security Day you will also get to know the decisive security measures – far beyond firewalls, IDS / IPS, encryption etc.

Current threat situation

  • How does an attacker proceed?
  • Attack targets and attack methods
  • Attacks on companies and authorities
  • Life demonstrations – example WannaCry & Co.

Reasonable and effective measures

  • How can a penetration test protect?
  • The  Security Testing Process