Source Code Review

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Code reviews should be a regular part of your development process. Security code reviews focus on identifying insecure coding techniques and vulnerabilities that could lead to security issues. The review goal is to identify as many potential security vulnerabilities as possible before the code is deployed.

The cost and effort of fixing security flaws at development time is far less than fixing them later in the product deployment cycle. The cost to fix an error found after a product release can be four to five times as much as one uncovered during design, and up to 100 times more than one identified in the maintenance phase.

source code review

In order to mitigate the risk of attack through a bespoke application, it is vital that applications are built securely and are validated through regular penetration testing.

In softScheck we excel at the analysis and audit of secure code, successfully uncovering insecure coding practices. Working closely with your development team during the analysis phase, we focus upon key elements of the coding structure such as authentication processes, data validation, and session management.

Source Code Review

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