Security Testing

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

The vulnerability assessment (VA) is a technical assessment designed to yield as many vulnerabilities as possible in an environment. It is a systematic review of security weaknesses, which assign severity and remediation priority information. VA is tools driven and it is supportive for objective-based assessment. VA is usually done as a preliminary step to penetration testing.


is a CREST accredited Penetration Testing provider.


Objective of this assessment

Create an overview of the security risks to a network
Provides a prioritised list of vulnerable areas
Regular assessment to reveal vulnerability of the system

Approach & Methodology


Case Studies

Find out how softScheck’s team of security professionals achieve its Red Teaming objectives by testing our client’s cyber security abilities against real-world targeted attack.

Read customer’s SMS

We discovered a critical vulnerability on the corporate web ui of the mail server hosted on premise.

Make a transfer of 1 SGD using SWIFT server

After a successful phishing we gained access to the workstation of one of the staff.